Monday, 7 November 2011


Humans have marked the body of their own and their pet animals with permanent patterns and designs are called TATTOOS. These designs are may be some specific marks for identification, religious, or something else. The designs are made by inserting ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the liquid color. Humans marked tattoos on them for the body modification, and tattoos on pet animals are formally used for identification purposes. Some permanent tattoo designs that marked on human bodies are plain, elaborate,sometimes personal, and sometimes these are symbols of love, religious signs and even marked as punishment.

History of the tattoos is as ancient as the Egypt. The tattooing has been popular
among many cultures and spread through the world by them. In the ancient Egypt
people have marked tattoos as status symbol and their religious beliefs. They
marked the portrait of their gods and sayings in the ancient languages. In many
other cultures people have marked tattoos for their personal identification. The
Maori warriors have marked tattoos on their faces, that represents the count of men
killed and wars fought by them. Besides the modern tattooing, their tattoos have
take a long time and painful process. In many clans of Africa, they marked tattoos
on the face of their childs with a sharp blade. In this process, children have to suffer
a lot of pain and blood loss.

Since the last two decades, tattoos have become an important part of western
culture and field of fashion.There is a lot of scope for a tattoo artist in the fashion
industry and it is easy to BECOME A TATTOO ARTIST.It is got nothing but
some experience and a tattoo machine with some needles. In the ancient times, they
have make tattoos by setting a point in a wooden handle. A tattoo artist must have
patience while making it on someone's body.

In the ancient times there were not many designs to be marked. In Egypt, most
examples on mummies are mostly diamond patterns, lines of dotted patterns and
naturalistic images. In the tombs of ancient Egypt, mostly mummies were found
with the small figures of gods marked on them. They were used a dark or black
pigment that was introduced into the skin. usually they do not use the brighter
colors.As mentioned in the history,the Inuit people of polar areas used a brighter
color along with the the usual dark colors.

The journey of modern tattoos starts from Japan, it is a real work of art. While the
highly skilled artists of many reigns are continuously creating there art as the ancient times. In Africa, various cultures are also employ tattoos, including the fine dots on faces and elaborate facial tattoos.The Maori considered the head most important part of body to mark a tattoo.It was regarded as a symbol of status. every individual had a UNIQUE TATTOO DESIGN on face, that specify information about his status rank and abilities. These tattoos describes there accurate id like a bar code on the face, but it is a painful process. They cut the skin with a sharp chisel into a design and fill the pigment in the open wound and then leave.

It seems to place the  people out in appropriate social,political or religious groups, or simply as a group of self-expression or fashion statement, tattoos were used in the ancient times. Although, they have TATTOO DESIGNS for WOMEN also. Women have tattooed their faces, the marking tended to be concentrated around the nose and lips. They used tattoos like a cure and believe that tattoos around the mouths and chins prevented the skin becoming wrinkled and kept them young.